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Learning on the Fly

Over the last couple of years as an indie author, I learned some of the biggest challenges are not just writing decent works but marketing and selling said decent works. That is a major challenge of itself. That being said, this blog post is not a guide on how to sell indie books. This is…More

Progress with Psoriasis – July 2021

To say Humira saved me from being an aching mass of scaly flesh would be an understatement. Ever since starting the injections, not only have I stopped aching tremendously but my skin has also been clearing up significantly. I used to have several angry patches of red, scaly flesh but had to routinely cover it…More

Far from Dead…

I have been so inhumanely busy and tired in real life that it is criminal. I am about halfway editing Verses of Dystopia. I will more than likely have it fully edited by August. I also am wrapping my head around the fact that I have a lifelong chronic illness to contend with. Gives me…More